Review: Alpro Ice Cream

The day that vegans, dairy free, gluten free and even just the sugar conscious, health conscious food lovers got a little bit excited: the launch of Alpro’s plant based, reduced sugar ice cream.

Hazelnut Chocolate

Creamy like proper ice cream. It’s not icy in the slightest. It’s got actual chocolate in it, but it’s definitely not an intense chocolate. It’s a subtle or weak chocolate, similar to the chocolate ice cream in Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food – which personally isn’t my favourite. I prefer stronger, more intensely chocolatey ice creams. As an ice cream, I couldn’t detect any hazelnut at all even when I tried, so if you were hoping for a Nutella tasting ice cream, unfortunately you’ll be disappointed. But, once I’d accidentally left it out too long, and there was a very subtle hint of hazelnut in the melted part. But given that there is only 2.9% hazelnut listed on the ingredients, I’m not really surprised. Overall, as a chocolate ice cream, it’s not bad! By that I mean it’s good, and I would buy it again. It’s nothing to go absolutely bonkers about other than the novelty of a reduced sugar, vegan ice cream which doesn’t taste like ass. But it’s definitely tasty, and I would recommend for those in need of a dairy free or vegan option.


(sorry for the lack of picture at the moment…it seemed to disappear before I got chance..)



Amazingly creamy for a non-dairy ice cream. It is so smooth – almost like gelato consistency. But it’s not gummy nor is it icy at all. This differs to the Hazelnut Chocolate and Coconut flavours in that it’s made with soy as opposed to coconut. It’s an off white colour speckled with flecks of vanilla bean – and let me tell you, you can taste the vanilla. Not an artificial vanilla, a rich, indulgent vanilla bean. Absolutely delicious. I honestly am struggling to find an improvement for this. Obviously there are some people who don’t like to eat soya products, for one reason or another. Dairy free, vegan or not, this is an ice cream you should be stocking up with.




This is my least favourite of the Alpro ice creams. Being made from coconut, I didn’t think there would be an issue with the flavour of coconut. But for me, it just tastes artificial. Artificial coconut, along with banana, is unfortunately a pet hate of mine. I also noticed that on melting, it almost seems to separate. Admittedly, this was made more obvious by the contrasting colours as it was on a chocolate brownie. A minor point as this doesn’t have any effect on the taste – but worth a mention nevertheless. The frozen texture of it however, is on point as with the Hazelnut Chocolate and Vanilla: creamy and delicious. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t terrible by any means. It’s a good product, it’s just let down by the flavour for me, especially in comparison to the other two options. This one I probably wouldn’t buy again.


OH, and one note which slipped my mind, for the reason that it didn’t even cross my mind – you cannot tell that it’s a reduced sugar version I think going for just reduced sugar as opposed to sugar free was a smart option on Alpro’s behalf:

  1. there’s no nasty stomach after effects
  2. probably makes it more cost effective, which means these tubs don’t cost the Earth like a lot of similar options do (up to £7 for a tub of ice cream!!). Very reasonably priced at £3.50
  3. overconsumption of completely sugar free products can alter your brains signalling and response to a sweet taste, which can actually lead to cravings
  4. increases the fibre content of the food, which the majority of the population don’t get enough of, without so much that it’s going to make you sit on the toilet for rather longer than is necessary..

Overall, bravo Alpro. And for those interested, I found these at Tesco!



  1. November 1, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    Thanks god the review. I still haven’t been able to find any yet. Great to see more options to try choose Chloe

    • November 6, 2016 / 6:26 pm

      Aw I really hope you manage to soon – it’s so tasty!

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