Review: Barebells Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

Barebells Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

I tried these at Bodypower 2017, and myself and my fellow protein bar loving friends were hooked – thankfully none of us judged one another for the number of samples taken from the stand..

It’s got a soft, squidgy, creamy vanilla flavour Mars bar style textured centre with cookie pieces dispersed throughout, coated in a thin, sugar free milk chocolate and a generous amount of crispy cookie pieces.

My biggest grate with cookies and cream flavoured protein bars is that they fall at the first hurdle with the name – most do not taste anything remotely like cookies and cream. This one, however, has absolutely nailed the flavour.


However, these are super sweet, slightly too sweet even for me, but that’s the only thing I could find to criticise it in all honesty. By the time you come to the end of the bar you are needing a good drink. That being said, it satisfies any sweet tooth craving and they are quite filling unlike a lot of bars.

The ingredients are listed in Swedish (Barebells is a Swedish company) with no English translation, but a little Google translate reveals all: Milk protein, milk chocolate (24%) (sweeteners: maltitols, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifiers: soya lecithins, flavourings), Moisturizing agents: glycerol, isomaltooligosaccharides, collagen peptides, water, soybean juice (soya protein isolate, cocoa, tapioca starch), palm fat, flavorings, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K.


So, not suitable for vegetarians due to the collagen. The inclusion of maltitol, glycerol and isomaltooligosaccarides may cause digestion issues with some (myself included) and also leads me to think that the polyol count in these (not listed on the macros) would be pretty high. It also makes me wonder whether the apparent low carbohydrate content listed on the packet is actually the ‘net carb’ count, so the carbohydrates of the maltitol, glycerol and isomaltooligosaccarides haven’t been included – as with many bars out there. Just if anyone’s interested in that… A couple of other ingredients may not sit well with those that are super conscious of ingredients lists: palm fat, sucralose and acesulfame K.


The macros per 55g bar are pretty solid: 197 calories, 16g carbs (1.7g sugar), 20g protein, 7g fat (4.1g saturates), 3.3g fibre

They are a little on the more expensive side at £29.99 for a box of 12, making them which you can buy here on Amazon.

Overall, this is a new found favourite and is a strong contender to the likes of Grenade and Fulfil: 9.5/10



  1. November 18, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    These are one of my favourite protein bars, but shame about them costing £30 for 12! The last picture you have done of them cut down the middle mmmmmm! 🙂

    • healthyhappyheebs
      January 18, 2018 / 3:39 pm

      I know right?! Such a shame! It’s the worst when money is the limiting factor on consumption!

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