How To Make a Pizza Healthier

Following on from my recipe post for a High Protein Healthy Wholewheat Vegan Pizza Dough (bit of a mouthful, I know but hey, I’m just being informative in my name giving here)….

How to make a pizza healthier:

  • opt for a whole wheat or half and half crust. Some like to use tortillas as a quick base. Or obviously there’s my protein pizza dough
  • go for a thin, crispy base instead of ‘deep dish’
  • ditch the stuffed crust
  • load on your favourite veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, olives, cherry tomatoes and ..I know some are partial to pineapple *shudders*
  • choose a lower fat cheese(s) such as mozzarella, reduced fat cheddar or ricotta
  • if a meat eater, opt for leaner meat toppings such as cooked chicken breast or chicken sausage, lean beef strips or you can get little packets of pre-cooked, ready marinated meats now such as pulled pork or shredded beef – just watch the added sugar content as some can be quite high!
  • if vegetarian or vegan: extra veggies or cheese, marinated tofu, meat alternatives such as Quorn or adding an egg for a Florentine style pizza are good options!
  • if you’ve got 2 minutes to spare, make your own pizza sauce – it’s far cheaper, often tastes so much better, not to mention that many shop bought options contain unnecessary added sugar and salt, too. Having said that, it’s not usually much and the main issue for me is the extortionate price – up to £2.50 for a small jar of sauce when the main ingredient of passata costs 35p for a 500g carton.

And that’s my two cents on how to make a healthier pizza. Ta da.


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