Review: ON Optimum Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter

Optimum Nutrition ON Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Smells peanut butter-y and appealing on opening. Aesthetics wise, it’s not the most visually appealing of foods. A family member likened it to resembling something that had emerged from the rear end of an animal..


Texture is well…lets just say it’s got more than room for improvement. I’m not sure whether it should be described as a soft jaw breaker or how I’d imagine cooled tar to be like.. You know that really thick, sticky stuff they use on roads? It gets stuck in your teeth AND you have to really chew it. At the same time it’s also kind of dry. Add to that the amount of saliva needed to chew through this and you better have a big glass of water at the ready..

Flavour wise it’s not actually that bad – it at least didn’t leave you with a mouthful of stevia! I wouldn’t call it chocolate peanut butter, but this reigns true for a lot of ‘chocolate’ protein bars. To its credit, it does have a fairly decent peanut butter-y taste to it. There are the occasional flecks of chocolate throughout, but not enough to warrant the chocolate in front of the peanut butter.

At £22-25 for a box of 10 (yes, 10, not 12), these are on the more expensive side – sort of what you would expect from a ‘premium brand’, but in my opinion, well over priced. The macros are decent, although they’ve gone down the line of ‘net carbs’, which is you’ve read any of my previous reviews, I don’t agree with. It just comes across as companies trying to market everything as ‘low carb’, when it’s not really. But, they’ve got 20g protein  so that’s good..

Macros per 60g bar: 211 calories; 9.4g carbs (3.7g sugar; 5g polyols), 20g protein, 7.9g fat, 15g fibre


Verdict: 4/10. Really not sure how or why such an established and respected brand such as Optimum Nutrition managed to create a bar with such a horrendous texture. Joking aside, it was like trying to chew through a Werther’s Butter Caramel Chew. Sorry Optimum Nutrition, but I struggled to find any positive points about these..


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