Review: Oh Yeah! Pumpkin Pie One Bar

Oh Yeah! Pumpkin Pie One Bar

On opening, it smells super sweet and cinnamon-y (very technical word I know). It also looks quite pretty, for a bar. It’s got a lacy white chocolate drizzle over a thin white chocolate coating. This coating being so thin in fact, that it’s see through..


First bite and, no pun intended, but OH YEAH. It’s soft, it’s sweet, it’s got the most delicious flavour – mainly cinnamon but with a little bit of spice. There’s no artificial aftertaste and the texture is on.point. You can’t see from the pictures but there are also a few little crispy bits intermittently scattered within the bar. I’m not sure if it’s a genuine pumpkin pie flavour having never actually had real pumpkin pie in my life (UK girl here), but if you love cinnamon, you will love this one. Although if you aren’t used to sweet things, this is very sweet.


Macros per 60g bar: 230 calories, 24g carbs (1g sugar, 11g sugar alcohols), 21g protein, 8g fat, 9g fibre. Fairly decent, not a stupidly high fibre content, although with 11g sugar alcohols, my stomach wasn’t the best pleased, I’ll admit.

Price wise, they’re on the higher end of the protein bar scale at £26-£28 for a box of 12, or roughly £2.50 for a single. Are they worth it? Maybe. There are other good bars out there that are slightlycheaper, but having said that these are good, and probably one of the best bars I’ve had in a while.

Verdict: 9/10. Definitely recommend these. They even make great toast toppers…

Pumpkin Peanut & Dark Chocolate theme toooast😍 Couldn't miss a #toasttuesday post AND it's #nationalpeanutbutterday so💃🏽 . Pumpkin peanut protein spread Pumpkin Pie @ohyeahnutrition One Bar Dark chocolate digestive thins Nutella drizZzle (or is it @jimjams_spreads 😏🤔) . So yummy, but currently feel like I've had my head run over by a dumper truck (maybs exaggerate a lil teeny tiny lil bit🌚). The cold I mentioned yesterday? It's now fully fledged and in flight mode soaring through my whole body like a Boeing 747. Am I delirious? What's this garbage that's coming out of my mouth/head? Maybe I need coffee.. . Thanks to my @rippedkit box for finally letting me try the pumpkin pie bar, it's SO GOOD😍 ———————————————————————— – – – – – #thetoastdiaries #thingsontoast #ilovegluten #proats #oatporn #macrofriendly #reversedieting #flexibledieters #fitfoodie #proteinbar #breakfastfood #proteinbars #fuelyourbody #ukfitfam #leanin15 #girlgains #healthybreakfast #wholefoods #peanutbutter #overnightoats #nutella #mealprep #veganprotein #foodpornshare #hbloggers #yuminthetumrepost #balancednotclean #cookiemonster

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