The Fitness Foodie’s Christmas Gift List

The biggest problem with Christmas? Finding the right damn present for the right person. Hands up who can spend hours and hours trawling around the shops to only leave empty handed and disheartened that you haven’t found the present, to then get home and turn hopelessly to the internet in a second bid of hope?!


I never like to give a present that I don’t think the person will absolutely love. I’m just not one of those ‘here’s a nice box of chocolates’ kind of gal. Often shooting myself in the foot because invariably the amount of time spent searching vs. the ‘correctness’ of the gift doesn’t exactly match up. They say it’s the thought that counts though…right?!

Anyway, PANIC NOT, HELP IS HERE. This is my little gift idea for the ‘fit foodie’. ie. a person who likes their food, likes a bit of cooking and experimenting, but also likes to make some healthier options on occasion too.

I’ve deliberately included only reasonably priced items – because lets face it, as nice as it would be, few people have the disposable income to throw around on buying their friend a state of the art Kitchen Aid! (PSA: if anyone would like to send me a gift of a Kitchen Aid however, it would be greatly received).

The Fitness Foodie’s Christmas Gift List:

1. Kenwood Food Processor (FPP225) – £37.99

1-kenwood-food-processor-fpp225I have this myself (ironically a Christmas gift from my parents last year). It’s durable, compact, transportable, easy to clean and comes with multiple attachments. Little kitchen space is needed for this one, so perfect for those in new homes or living the solo life.

Use for making homemade nut butters (it’s strong enough I promise), cauliflower rice, ‘blitz and bake’ cakes, pastry, soup, shredding sprouts using the shredder attachment and lots more. The uses are endless. Also found in bigger supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, but often reaching above the £50 mark.

2. Jim Jam’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – £2.59

2-jim-jams-chocolate-hazelnut-spread-2-59Nutella lovers eat your heart out. Literally. This is a sugar free version of Nutella. Tastes like Nutella, melts like Nutella, just as damn addictive as Nutella. Sugar free…so healthy..yes? I’ll leave that one to you to decide.. 😉

Also available in Tesco and Morrison’s


3. Donut Moulds – £7.99

3-donut-moulds-7-99Healthier baked donuts made easy – hurrah! Having had various different donuts moulds and pans, these are by far the best and easiest to use. Not too small so you end up with cheerios instead of donuts, and silicone so the non-stick doesn’t fail you after 3 uses, despite how much you grease it beforehand.

Use for ‘batter’ donuts (ie. donut shaped cakes), or proper ‘dough’ donuts/doughnuts. You get both the ring moulds, as well as hole-free moulds if you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to make filled donuts a la Krispy Kreme. Mmm, imagine those jammy filled donuts…or biscoff spread…

4. Flavdrops – £3.99

flavdropsSugar free sweetener and flavouring in one. The uses for these are endless. They’re a staple of mine and I use them in just about anything and everything. The flavours are fantastic and they last a while, too. Use in place of sugary coffee syrups, in baking, porridge, yoghurt, baked oats, even in cooking. The apple is fantastic for making a Dijon mustard and apple sauce for fish.

Personal favourites: toffee, white chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter. Although all are good. Just maybe avoid the stevia ones..

5. Resistance Bands – £9.95

resistance-bandsNot to be underestimated, turn simple exercises into tortuous ones. The link above is to the ones I have and would personally recommend. They can be used anywhere and for anything, guys and girls. From recovery and muscle activation to intense plyo workouts and full body gym-free workouts. Ideal if you’re away from home visiting friends or family, or travelling abroad. They’re light, take up virtually no space and can be stowed away easily.

6. Medicine Slam Ball – £11.99 – £36.99

6-medicine-slam-ball-11-99-36-99Again, I have this personally and is another piece of simple home gym equipment that can work your whole body and another one not to be underestimated. Use for as the name suggests – slam balls, but also as a weight for lunges, squats, medicine ball press ups, wall balls etc. And failing that, they do always make a good door stop if your motivation suddenly ceases..

7. Cast Iron Skillet or Mini Cast Iron Skillet – £6.99 – £12.99

7-cast-iron-skillet-or-mini-cast-iron-skillet-6-99-12-99Particularly for any Instagram loving foodie, a skillet is a must. They can make anything and everything look more aesthetic and therefore ‘Insta worthy’ (obviously) in an instant. Think of all the possibilities it could be used for –  numerous egg dishes (Instagram key), baked oats, cakes, cookie pies, cinnamon rolls… We all know everyone loves a pretty breakfast picture.

They come in a range of sizes, plus they’re durable, last well and cook things super evenly. Not as expensive as you might think either, or as they once were when I got my first one..! The ones I’ve recommended are Lodge Cast Iron, they’re a renowned brand I can personally vouch for too. If you’re pushed for time and can’t order online, T K Maxx often has them.

8. Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars – £18.99

These are without doubt (in my humble opinion), one of the best protein bars on the market. Now available in 8 different flavours, any gym loving, sweet toothed fitness fanatic is sure to love these. Reasonably priced as protein bars go, you can pick up a box of 12 for under £20 from the link above. They occasionally have offers on their website too, so is worth checking! They’re available in Tesco and Holland and Barrett for £2.50 a bar.

9. Spiraliser – £7.99

spiraliserAh, all hail the humble spiraliser. Courgette ‘noodles’ (namely) have taken the foodie world by storm. But those big fancy spiralisers? They’re cool and can certainly do more than the handheld ones, but boy are they a pain in the arse. Extra work space, extra cleaning when all you want is something quick. The handheld ones are much cheaper, portable, require a heck of a lot less cleaning and you’re far more likely to actually use it as opposed to the big ones. Tip: you can also get these in Tesco for £3 now too – making it an ideal stocking filler!

10. Pic’s Peanut Butter – £13.50 (4 x 380g = £3.40/ea)

picsA nut butter is probably the most obvious and basically fail safe, guaranteed success of a present. Who doesn’t like nut butter?! From basic peanut butter, to protein enhanced nut butter spreads, to cashew, almond, hazelnut and more.

Obviously there are other brands, but Pic’s Peanut Butter is a close top contender if not the top one of my all natural nut butter favourites list. A little on the more expensive side, but it’s Christmas – you can’t get a bog standard jar, it’s supposed to be a gift remember! And trust me on this one, Pic’s is well worth the splurge. If you’ve got a nut butter loving person to buy a gift for, introduce them to this and you’re sorted. It also comes in 1kg tubs…just saying.

11. Dr Zak’s Protein Peanut Spreads – £6.99 – £9.99

dr-zaks-butterOne of my favourite protein enhanced spreads which is now available in 8 different flavours, as well as unflavoured smooth and crunchy. See my review of them here. If one of either cherry bakewell, salted caramel, white chocolate and coconut, banoffee, chocolate orange, apple and cinnamon, fresh raspberry or chocolate fudge brownie flavours doesn’t get your taste buds tingling then I’m lost.

12. Sukrin Flours – £5 – £10

sukrinI cannot recommend this brand enough – their flours are superb in baking and offer a higher protein, higher fibre and lower carb option. Which makes them great for any fitness enthusiast or healthy eating lover. The peanut flour is excellent awesome – use in both baking and to make a lower fat peanut butter. As well as coconut and reduced fat almond flours, they’ve also got ready made healthy bread mixes (including a vegan option), cake mixes, brown sugar and icing sugar alternatives. They’re also available in Sainbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco.

13. Strong – Zanna van Dijk – £11 (price fluctuates)

strong-zanna-van-dijkA little light reading… sort of – this book is literally jam packed with information. From workouts, recipes, nutrition, even how to organise yourself to be more productive. It’s not a spongy, airy fairy book like some that are on sale. I was a bit hesitant to include this as I don’t want to come across as bias as I know Zanna, but this is genuinely a top book. It’s much more on the educational side.


14. Lindt 90% Chocolate – £1.50 – £1.99

lindtAnother fail safe move. You cannot go wrong with chocolate. The higher the cocoa percentage, the higher in anti-oxidants it is, as well as providing a source of iron – so dark chocolate is basically a health food (may not be exaggerated).

Lindt 90% is my go-to, but obviously there are others around and some don’t like such a high cocoa content. If you’re unsure, 70% is a safe bet. Available in pretty much any supermarket.

Or if you’ve got a known milk chocolate/more of a junk food lover to buy for, Milka. It’s available in selected Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s that I’ve seen, but you get more of a selection online (aka Oreo, Daim, caramel..)





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