Review: Dr Zak’s Protein Peanut Spread

Dr Zak’s {new} High Protein Peanut Spreads

So, first Dr Zak’s brought out this selection of high protein peanut butters, and now they’ve made some new additions, complete with a slight recipe reformulation.


So what’s new?

  1. The oil used is a special Dr Zak’s Oil Blend. This replaces the original peanut oil used before, and consists of a blend of peanut, shea and coconut. (Although there is no mention as to whether it is virgin coconut oil)
  2. The macros have been improved: lower fat, lower calorie, lower carb and higher fibre.
    1. Banoffee: 551 calories, 13g carbs (8.3g sugar), 35g protein, 38.1g fat, 8.1g fibre
    2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie/Chocolate Orange: 537 calories; 15g carbs (8.1g sugars), 35g protein, 36.3g fat, 9.5g fibre
  3. The new flavours sound delicious:
    • Sweet Banoffee Pie
    • Chocolate Fudge Brownie
    • Chocolate Orange

Texture and consistency wise, each butter is fairly similar:

  • Smooth, but not silky smooth, there is a slightly granular texture to it (see image above) from the added whey isolate, much like the majority of protein enhanced nut spreads on the market.
  • It’s a thicker, spoonable consistency, and easy to stir in any oil separation. Not too runny, not too thick.
  • Sweetened with fructose as opposed to sweeteners or sugar alcohols (win for your gut, and those around you…the high fibre sweeteners I’m talking about here. I know you know what I mean).
  • The protein content has been kicked up to 35%, and they’ve used partially hydrolysed whey isolate, not concentrate which is beneficial for those who cannot digest whey concentrate well (me included).
  • A 450g tub retails between £4.99-£6.99, which as far as protein spreads go or flavoured nut butters in general, is very reasonable. A lot of other brands are in the £10+ area.

The only major differences between the three spreads are obviously the flavours, but also the addition of cocoa powder to the chocolate fudge and chocolate orange options which makes a very slight difference to the macronutrients (see above).

1) Chocolate Fudge Brownie

  • My definite favourite of the three – rich, thick and chocolatey (is chocolatey a word?! It is now)
  • Dark chocolate in colour, not quite as dark as the famous Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter Co., and not as smooth due to the added whey.
  • Sweet but not overly so, think dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate.
  • I’m not really sure what else to say about this other than I can’t think of any way the taste could be improved.. Just thinking about it genuinely makes me crave it.
  • 8/10 (and also the first to disappear in record speed of less than 48 hours..)

2) Sweet Banoffee Pie:

  • Scent wise, buttery, rich and sweet, but no banana smell.
  • Pale golden in colour and smooth in appearance.
  • Taste wise, as the name suggests – it is sweet. Very sweet. Having a major sweet tooth, I didn’t find it sickeningly sweet, but some might.
  • It’s not an overly powerful strong banana flavour, nor is it a synthetic banana flavour like I feared (thank god, synthetic banana is my biggest hate). It’s a light banana caramel flavour that’s ridiculously addictive. To my taste, it was more caramel than toffee, but that could just be me.
  •  Big fan of this flavour, and would definitely recommend. 7.5/10

3) Chocolate Orange

  • Exactly the same as the chocolate fudge flavour, but with a hint of orange, and not quite as chocolatey. Maybe more of a milk chocolate than a dark chocolate flavour.
  • To me, this tasted almost like Terry’s Chocolate Orange but in spread form. Thick, spoonable chocolate orangey goodness. There is a very slight artificial taste to this but  not overly so and not off putting. I had to try and taste for it.
  • I personally really liked this one, but, I do know other people have likened it to Calpol… as with everything it’s all down to personal taste and preferences!
  • 7/10

In short, another awes0me product from Dr Zak’s that I’m a big fan of. The texture is admittedly slightly grainier than I would’ve liked, but it didn’t stop me from eating the entire three jars within a (very) short time frame. The flavours are pretty much on point for me, they aren’t overly expensive, decent macro breakdown and above all else, they taste bloody good. From a personal point of view, I’d prefer not to have fructose used as the sweetener purely because my digestive system doesn’t agree with it. Stevia or (the dreaded for some) sucralose would be more to my preference.

My biggest issue with these, as with basically all nut butters, is that they’re also highly addictive and before you know it the whole jar has disappeared. Approach with caution.

Good stuff, Dr Zak’s, good stuff.




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