Review: ON Optimum Protein Double Chocolate Brownie Bar

Optimum Nutrition Optimum Protein Double Chocolate Brownie Bar

Here goes another Optimum Protein Bar review…

Smells quite chocolatey on opening. Looks very uniform, factory made and a bit well, boring.


Texture: much like the Quest bars that went wrong. Hard, quite chewy and you’re also left with the dreaded tooth packing aka sticks in your teeth almost as badly as if you were to chew a lump of whey protein. At the same time, a bit dry and crumbly too. Not much going for the texture at all…

Taste: much like their chocolate peanut butter flavour, it’s not bad – in fact I actually quite like it. It’s the standard chocolatey of protein bars with none of the dreaded artificial sweetener aftertaste. The flavour is very similar to Quest Nutrition’s Chocolate Brownie in fact.

I am however slightly confused about the ‘double chocolate’ title though as there were no chocolate chunks or chips. I mean, no noticeable ones anyway. They could have been there but if they were, they were so sparse Optimum Nutrition may well have not bothered. And actually having a quick look at the ingredients, ‘cocoa chunks’ are listed…


Macros per 60g bar: 211 calories, 9.4g carbs (3.7g sugars, 5g polyols), 20g protein, 7.9g fat, 15g fibre

As with a  lot of brands, they’ve evidently gone down the ‘net carb’ route which personally I always view as the brand being deceptive. Aside from that, it’s low in sugar, high in fibre, packs 20g protein and is just over 200 calories so not much you can really fault it on there.

Price: They aren’t cheap, either. £2.79 a bar, or £19.99 – £24.99 for a box of 10. Not a box of 12 as is the standard. A box of 10.

Verdict: 5/10. The texture saved marginally by the flavour. I’m still not sure how the texture of these passed the taste panel at Optimum Nutrition, given that the rest of their products are pretty much bang on and genuinely reflect the premium tag they’re given. Maybe they were off sick.. Would not buy again unless they were much cheaper and I was really hungry, and can’t say I’d recommend it. Sorry ON..



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