Review: Grenade White Chocolate Cookie Carb Killa Bar

White Chocolate Cookie Grenade Carb Killa Bar: the fourth, and hopefully not the final, addition to the Carb Killa family. IMG_7023

The white chocolate coating tastes exactly as I remember a milky bar, studded with crunchy chocolate cookie flavoured crispy balls. Then it’s got a soft, sweet vanilla protein bar base, topped with what tastes like white chocolate, but has the consistency of white chocolate flavoured caramel?! That sounds odd to me but I can’t think of another way to describe it. But anyway, white chocolate + caramel…you do the maths.

As with all the Grenade Carb Killa bars, no jaw ache whatsoever. Satisfying and delicious. I could’ve eaten another, but I actually found this pretty filling – not a common occurrence with protein bars. Overall, another win for Team Grenade. I think this pips it to the post on the Caramel Chaos flavour for me.

Verdict: Basically like the Milky Bar kid grew up, and got hench. Imagine that. Protein powered Milky Bar kid…just think how far he could throw that lasso with a few of these inside of him. Solid 9.5/10 for White Chocolate Cookie.

Macros per 60g bar: 215 calories; 15.2g carbs (2g sugar; 12.7g polyols); 22.4g protein; 8.1g fat; 6g fibre

You can pick these up for between £25-£30 for a box of 12 on Amazon, or most retailers (online and in store) charge £2.49 per bar.

Note the 12.7g polyols – for those who suffer with easily irritated stomachs, this is something to watch out for!




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